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TEDDYWIRTH was formed in 2016 by two guitar players, Brian Peterson (Minneapolis, MN) and Ben Grotting (Birmingham, AL).  After a few years of mutual hockey friends trying to convince them to get together and play music, they finally did in the winter of 2015.  Soon after, they realized they had a mutual love for a diverse range of music, playing that music, but most of all playing in a band.  In the early months of 2016, they added drummer Jared Brown (Madison, WI) and TEDDYWIRTH was formed.  Today, TEDDYWIRTH is a 4-piece powerhouse with Andy Bukstein (Minneapolis, MN), offering up a wide range of classic underplayed covers as well as originals. 


What You'll Hear

  On any given night they are likely to deliver a full set of Grateful Dead tunes, a major influence for the band.  TEDDYWIRTH will show their depth when they move from artists like Tom Petty and Neil Young to Sublime and Tenacious D.   TEDDYWIRTH can be found at local venues across the Twin Cities.  Check our upcoming shows!  

Music Demo Compilation

612 Brew song clips


TEDDYWIRTH - Althea (Grateful Dead Cover) from 9/29/18 - 612 Brew


Terminal Bar - Grateful Dead's Fire on the Mountain

Doin' Time

Terminal Bar - Sublime's Doin' Time